The mask is becoming a way of life. The question is, we also masking our senses to information and what we can do in this situation?  As the armor of self-quarantine sweeps the globe and people take to their homes as a precaution to spreading the COVID19 contagion, it makes sense that much of the conversation in these situations takes place online. It has been reported that internet use has been pushed up by a whopping 70% as the times of self-quarantine begin. Even those who have just had an account on social media have suddenly sprouted interest and are following every bit of published information, and even responding to it.  The digital media platform has never ever been this lucrative and fertile.

With the world battling a coronavirus epidemic, digital media has become both an indispensable source of vital information and engagement. People are looking for directives, updates, reliable and sustainable service-providers, and rumor-less data. Organizations are realizing that in such turbulent times, it has come down to the basics- keeping the brand surviving, maintaining the image and communicating about their campaigns, offers, products through digital media and getting influencers help them get the suitable and required exposure.

In times when the print media has practically collapsed like a pack of cards, digital media has not just survived, but has the loudest voice.

Digital media and social networks have matured in terms of their functionality, have gone much beyond just likes and are actually evolving as a genuine business module.

Businesses may have boasted of a fat customer base, but are they able to reach out to each and everyone in this crucial hour?

Especially when physical presence is fast being replaced by a virtual one?

Is your business reaching your end-user’s world in the safety of his home?

Have you been able to convey how your business is still at his service and stands committed to your cause?

Digital mediums like iDocuments / e-newspapers will not just survive, but reach far and wide, flourish. Newsletters through emails, a steady communication through social media plugins like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter handles, v(ideo)logs, blogs or small promotional videos  or even websites will  not just keep the continuity of communication live but also keep your brand alive in the market. It will help highlight your product and services, especially when the economy is looking bleak, and there is no telling when the curtains will be raised again.

Why not execute foresight, take that precautionary measure in challenging times, and opt to choose a digital presence instead of getting buried with conventional means of communication?

We, at Bharati Web are STILL FULLY OPERATIONAL and are at your doorstep round the clock, to assist you in your effort for brand survival and communicating with your readers.