The mask is becoming a way of life. The question is, we also masking our senses to information and what we can do in this situation?  As the armour of self-quarantine  sweeps the globe and people take to their homes to as a precaution to spreading the COVID19 contagion, it makes sense that much of the conversation in this situations takes place online. It has been reported that internet use has been pushed up a by a whopping 70% as the times of self-quarantine begin. Even those who have just had an account on social media have suddenly sprouted interest and are following every bit of published information, and even responding to it.  The digital media platform has never ever been this lucrative and fertile.

Source: LEK Consulting-Consumer Survey March 2020

With the world battling a corona virus epidemic, digital media has become both an indispensable source of vital information and engagement. People are looking for directives, updates, reliable and sustainable service-providers and rumor-less data. Organizations are realizing that in such turbulent times, it has come down to the basics- keeping the brand surviving, maintaining the image and communicating  about their campaigns, offers, products through digital media and getting influencers help them get the suitable and required exposure.

In times when the print media has been forced to go on back foot, digital media has not just survived, but has the loudest voice at the moment. Businesses may have boasted of a fat customer base, but are they able to reach out to each and everyone in this crucial hour? Is your business reaching your end-user’s world in the safety of his home? Have you been able to convey how your business is still at his service and stands committed to your cause?

The need of the hour is to get into survival mode first.  Whatever cannot make its presence felt will fade into oblivion. The ask is how can we maintain the precautionary safety norms and yet keep feeding our audience with updates and news? The WHO in a recent report foresees the global catastrophe extending to mid-July 2020 and calls for more stringent control and imposition of quarantine for curbing further out-break and a second wave. Taking a tip from this lead, there is no better time to start digging your well. Like one of the famous सुभाषित  goes


THIS is that moment to contrive the preparatory provisions so that you remain unstirred even as the catastrophe of the global pandemic strikes. A bramhastra (ब्रम्हास्त्र ) like being equipped with a solution like an e-newspaper will ensure you will survive. Your brand will subsist. A die-hard optimistic approach looks at opportunities in adversity. These are such times for the digital media. If your publication wants to not just survive, but thrive, it is time to adopt and adapt to the changing norms. Rope in your advertisers too, and together reach the audience through the gadget in their hands, round the clock, without any interferences. This way you not just safeguard your publication, but also guarantee a smooth ride for your brand and name. Who knows this can open new avenues in the new future, when a new normalcy, a new era of digital communication sets in with i(nternet)- docs ?