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iDocuments is designed, developed, owned and operated by Bharati Web Pvt. Ltd. It is an easy to use ePaper & eMagazine Solution that provides do-it-yourself publishing platform which takes your PDF files and digitizes the same for delivery across the web. The new version of ePaper powered by iDocuments comes with many new features for the publisher, editor, and the readers.

Easy to update/edit/schedule/publish, light on devices for fast browsing, SSL certification for additional security are some of those features.

The new ePaper is completely mobile friendly as it comes with the responsive feature.

For the readers, it becomes very easy to read the ePaper on their mobile devices as they can now crop & share the articles of their choice to multiple social media platforms without losing the quality.

Till now it was simpler for the Editors to understand the choice of readers visiting/browsing/reading on the website through Analytics. But this feature was missing on ePaper as there is no technology to keep the track of what a reader is exactly reading on the ePaper as one page consists of multiple stories/articles/news.

The new version of ePaper powered by Bharati Web Pvt Ltd provides the solution to this requirement.

While a reader is cropping/sharing from the ePaper, an intelligence is generated with info of cropped data that helps you to identify the reader’s interest.

iDocuments comes with a Dashboard where you can login and see the details about what the readers are cropping/sharing through online media.

Now you can know what your readers like to read!  

This will benefit you in two ways:

  • The editors can focus on the generation of the required content.
  • The sales/marketing team can procure advertisements for targeted/specific audiences.

The default package comes with standard SSL and secured hosting for 3months of Archives. Mentioned below are some of the important features:

  • Integrated application for publishing your e-papers.
  • Single click tool to publish your print-ready pdf.
  • Schedule your publishing.
  • Create backdated archives easily.
  • Users can directly slice and share the content from the e-paper.
  • Completely mobile-friendly.

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An Easy To Use e-Paper Solution with single click tool to publish your print ready pdf.
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