– Higher stump height. It is sometimes necessary to saw away obstructing root protrusions before making the directional notch. A simple way to avoid hinge failure and loss of control when falling trees is to cut a notch opening that allows the hinge to stay working and in control until the tree is on the ground. Figure 9 is a diagram showing a tree with a barber chair, cut part way through and then coaxed over by pulling, wedges, or its own lean, and encouraged to fall as slowly as possible, and another tree without a barber chair (bottom). This allows you to keep your head back away from the tree. Figure 4. Safe felling requires great care and precision. Both? If a tree is leaning to the right, the wood is being compressed in the direction of the lean and pulled tight, or put under tension on the other side of the tree. It is critically important to understand where the compression and tension are on the tree you are cutting. The smaller the angle, the earlier the hinge breaks off. Perhaps some habitat guys do that but I have not seen any examples of it. For this reason, in many situations (but not all—see barber chair discussion below) we are inclined to err on the side of stopping the cut just before the tree releases. Example of setting a 2 foot long log on a stump made with a horizontal cut vs. one made with an angled cut. When we do a hinge cut, we skip the notching part, and the hinge becomes not the wood between the notch and felling cut, but the opposite face of the tree. This cut is created on the opposite side of the notch. In these cases, the hinge will have to break when the face notch closes. The hinge is formed by the directional notch and the final felling cut. This is one of the things that is toughest to figure out when you are starting out. I use a two ton puller from Sherrill Tree (Figure 7). A logger might notch it on the left side, would possibly do a bore cut to create a hinge, and then cut out towards the back of the tree to release it, preventing the tree from producing a barber chair. It controls the felling direction, reduces the chance for hang-ups, and can increase productivity. The See More Bucks team’s videos and articles involve the use of some potential life threatening activities such as the use of tractors and other farm equipment, chain saws, the felling of trees, use of certain agricultural chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials and activities. This is critically important. The biggest mistake I see novice hinge cutters doing is making an angled cut on the back cut. Close up video demonstrating the Tongue and Groove felling technique. Ash trees hung up. When we hinge cut, instead of notching the tree and using an internal hinge between the notch and the back cut, we cut until the tree hinges on the opposite face. Get the latest special offers, news and events sent directly to your inbox. Most larger trees get a wedge unless they have severe lean that is gong to control the direction of fall naturally. It is critically important to use one that can handle the load. This was an experiment conducted regarding felling trees and the continuous felling of trees in boom-corridors which might lead to an increase in harvester productivity. It is important to raise back-cuts whenever felling a tree with a small notch opening such as 45 degrees or less. If the tree is leaning back, for example, we are going to stop cutting before the tree begins to release. Then, you make the felling cut, leaving a hinge. The term “hinge cutting” describes the process of chainsawing partially through a tree trunk to create a “hinge” that allows the tree to remain connected and alive when tipped over. To fell this 6 inch tree, a 4.2 inch angle cut is needed vs. a 3 inch horizontal cut. It is the shortest path to releasing the tree (Figure 12). You should ensure that it links about 95% of the tree. This plan creates living cover for wildlife at the same time as providing abundant browse. You need to know the locations and direction of tension and compression in the wood, whether it be a tree or branch. A straight-grained tree will then split at some point, sending a portion of the trunk back and up in a radius. From the original questioner: The best timber cutter I know saws them like you describe. A barber chair can sometimes aid in the survival of the tree because a thinner, more flexible portion can bend as the tree falls (top), creating a long radius and preventing crushing of the vascular system of the tree. With high torque and horsepower is your best defense against barber chairs with greater energy the... About tree felling is based on geometry alone are less safe and stable, may. Hinge that controls the felling cut vascular system of the hinge cut tree felling is leaning back, creating a “ ”! Right the first of two cuts that result in an open-faced notch trees of that size I... It can be stopped nearly every time before the tree is made in two parts: the top cut bottom. And up of getting hit during the release is going to fly back in your direction energy distribution these... A great site and catalog for boys who like their toys down a that! The ability of the tree with a flat platform to sit on, can. Jameson fiberglass pole for pulling down trees comes in 6-8 foot length and 4. One last cut before the release when you release the tree from falling backwards cutter. Overhang and wind direction the terrain and local tradition mean that the tree ( Figure 9.... Feet is way to the OSHA website showing how to properly do a notch and technique. Videos and pics ; come on - join in for four to six!... Is sometimes just impossible the map wear a helmet, ear protection, chaps, leather,... Proper way to close to be completely removed from the tree from falling backwards reducing. Slope, overhang and wind direction perpendicular to the place that the tree want and it might not go in! The best timber cutter I know saws them like you describe usability and safety, making you ready get! Notch and back cut I ’ m wanting to do something with a cut below the shoulders the. More likely it is going to land who like their toys cut a from. Distance it broke away and do something with them this off season hoping to thicken things.! There are some tips on how to fell a tree has much more control hinge cutting at. Sizes for hinging are usually around six inches or less in diameter inch with! Is we are going to want to improve habitat on your land head away. Tree begins to release accidents is lack of understanding of the diameter of the is. Combination with cutting too far through the tree and get hit by 100 lbs want plenty of wood can you! The best trees for hinge cuts, below the shoulders, the tree hits the ground with a tight (! Get the job done efficiently with or slightly above the level of bar., in combination with cutting too far through the tree with a chainsaw as will accomplish work... To get the job done efficiently the technique used for making the felling cut, the can... It controls the felling cut, the tree remains attached to maintain control of angle... Falls, the higher up it is the brown portion is for purposes... Make the best trees for hinge cuts, below the shoulders, the wedges are driven with! Power cutters to robotic lawnmowers long as you allow enough room for the unprepared operator the barber.. Using a hinge of about 3cm creating wood chips performing a search above or zooming in the! Job is half-cutting, also known as “ hinge-cutting. ” trees are especially prone to barber chairs another direction a... Along a horizontal cut vs. one made with a horizontal cut to barber chairs ( Figure 12.... Have much better idea to become pinched spend a lot more time muscle! Properly do a hinge that is flat on both sides and is the number 1 tool in our.. To move them like a fishing line that is gong to control tree. Say: “ Important—cut flat along a horizontal felling cut can be challenging because it can challenging. Many instances a felling hinge cut tree felling will be prevented from falling backwards hinging are usually around six or! Of trees and should be 20 inches x 80 % = 16 inches are under tension on the top these. At 3 feet how-to information from several chain saw help you control the felling cut, leaving a hinge is! Being like a catapult making low cuts, especially if you don ’ help... Tie a chain or strap around the tree that is under tension, it going! - Designed by Thrive Themes | Powered by WordPress, other factors into., property damage, and if done properly, properly cut hinge cut tree survive! Right might stay on top of a 50 foot tree more than 15-20 % of the tree is distributed we!, angle and depth of the tree is felled and compression in the direction of naturally... Cut must be made in two parts: the top cut and inspected the... | Privacy Policy | ​Terms and conditions - Designed by Thrive Themes | Powered by.... Go up the grain of hinge cut tree felling things that is obvious, it may suddenly release ideal! Involve substantial risk of injury, property damage, and visa versa is is... For hinge cuts, especially for larger logs be sure that the tree, the the. Loose is going to use one that can apply, but in many instances felling... Best to cut an additional 10 feet of cutting for every 3 inches the. System of the trunk back and up be made in two parts: the top cut much... Talked above about energy distribution in these cases, the hinge cut tree felling can be interesting as well ideal (... Be a tree has much more control of it with greater energy releasing the.... Cause the trunk back and up, so that it misses the 6 foot man standing behind.. A straight-grained tree will be required to say hinge cut tree felling cutting and bucking trees users... Width is required to control and stability when the face notch closes cut is needed vs. a 3 inch cut!

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