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Our Media and Publishing practice provides solutions and services to the following industry segments.

DRM Publishing

This is the age of digitalisation. The digital technology and reader's mindset to use digital forms of information are complementing each other. Bharati Web provides the latest cutting edge hosted solutions for next generation newspaper. The publishing platform developed by Bharati Web, adds an extra layer of protection to prevent unauthorized sharing of your copyrighted contents.

Newspaper Companies

Our solutions range from automating existing processes for print publishing to providing solutions for integrated online publishing of daily editions using our product i-Document Publishing Studio, online value-added features & editorial capabilities to managing photo repositories and e-paper solutions. Our customers include the top English, Hindi as well as regional languages newspapers.

Magazine Publishers

Bharati Web provides solutions for online publishing of print publications with value-added features for registration, editorial capabilities, polls and advertisement management. Our customers include India's prominent English, Hindi as well as regional languages magazines.

Book Publishers

Our digital library solutions enable publishers to provide books online - as scanned images, text format and as PDF downloads. Books are searchable, cataloged and can be combined with e-commerce facilities for subscription and purchase. Our solutions cater to multilingual publishing as well.